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Your Name Paint ! The art of beautiful writing,
Your Name Paint Art, Talented artist will paint names  for your guests at your event for them to take home and enjoy. Letters are formed with animals, birds, and flowers creating beautiful works of art  JUMAQUI INC. Miami  Artista  Profesional en dibujo y pintura CONTACT: 786 487 1992  E-mail : chez@jumaqui.com  LOCAL: 6255 sw 8 st Miami Fl. 33144    Contact form  


Miami Calligrapher Local Artist, mixes literature and painting, You can order personalized characters, school or organization names, friends, family's names, etc. instead of the above examples, multi-colour calligraphy sample paintings of "Happiness, Love, Peace" "Happiness, Wealth, Longevity" "Happy Family"  CALLIGRAPHY, is a mix of writing and drawing. It is based on studies of sketches, forms, rhythms of composition, and abundant use of color. Discover a new way to express your creativity. Please let Jumaqui Mamani know your preferences. For example he paints dolphins, fish, marlins, giraffes, lions, dogs, cats, pandas, butterflies and any other animal or insect that you desire. Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, can be used in many ways.

CALLIGRAPHIE, Jumaqui Mamani mélange la peinture et l`ecriture, Il est basé sur études de croquis, formes, rythmes de composition, et usage abondant de couleur. Découvrez une nouvelle façon d' exprimer votre créativité. Votre prénom en calligraphie picturale. Peint à la main et selon l'inspiration, dans un dégradé et une harmonie de couleur, sur un papier brillant de qualité. Chaque calligraphie est unique, Encre indélébile. Si vous avez des préférences de couleur n'hésitez pas à me les indiquer. Caligrafía Miami, Jumaqui Mamani mezcla pintura y escritura una manera de entrar en un universo lleno de color, ritmo, armonía, exotismo, con el solo proposito de deleitar la visión y darles esa luz colorida al espacio que usted desee, personalisando asi el nombre del ser querido, un regalo original y único firmado Jumaqui

JUMAQUI Frances-Peruano multifaceted Artista

The painter, artist, and much more.
Jumaqui is a rare artist, who paints with his own style, capturing hearts and souls all over the world. He was born on the Titicaca lake shore at 4000 meters, in Puno ( Peru). All of Jumaqui's family members are musicians, artists, and athletes. Jumaqui spent most of his childhood studying inside the Fine Arts College in Puno, where his mother worked and ran a restaurant. Jumaqui was born with an artistic spirit including an intense passion for color, beauty, and creativity.


Name painting art - original work of the artist The artistic name birthday children newborn gift idea Condition:--

"NAME ART PAINTINGTurn your name in to a work of art. A talented artist will paint names transforming " ...
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Item specifics Seller Notes: "NAME ART PAINTING Turn your name in to a work of art. A talented artist will paint names transforming the letters into animals, birds, or flowers. You will be proud to frame and display these beautiful favors.." Listed By: Artist Originality: Original Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work artwork painted on cardboard 12x36 inches : Papel Cartulina Bristol Features: Carton Bristol, Personalized, Signed

Jumaqui Mamani Artist

SU NOMBRE EN CALLIGRAFIA YOUR NAME PAINT ART VOTRE PRENOM EN CALLIGRAPHIE PUEDE COMUNICARSE CON NOSOTROS EN INGLES ESPANOL Y FRANCES I speak Spanish, English and French When you order please let me know Gender of name. (Such as Female, Male, Family name etc.) Please email me the name desired to painting. Name Art Drawings. Hand-Brushed Rainbow colors Paintings art I'm painting in Paris, Roma, Espain, Canada, Miami since 1993 Name painting is personalized gifts and fun to give, receive for all occasion such as baby showers, newborn baby names, birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's day's or for decorating kids rooms. Our Name Painting art will create a unique gift that you and your loved ones will admire and cherish for a lifetime. Thank you.


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