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Very versatile and responds to many different requests from his customers. These include typical wishes, such as abstract paintings, murals, art restauration concervancy. However, Jumaqui also responds to more personalized requests such as home decorating. He is particularly skilled at painting wall and ceiling murals, and has decorated numerous private homes in Miami and elsewhere. In this website, Jumaqui invites you to take a look at some of his art. Please be patient and know that images will appear more or less quickly, depending on your internet connection. Another word of caution – Neither photography nor video clips can capture the true beauty of artwork. Jumaqui is not only a talented artist but also a kind and delightful person, who is very easy to work with. His clients frequently praise his professionalism, charisma, and compassion. Please contact the artist directly if you wish to experience his art first hand, or if you would like to hire him to create a personalized piece of artwork for you.